Thursday, March 25, 2010

Giveaway...gone away

Roxy, of the fantastic Effortless Anthropologie, is was hosting a scavenger hunt giveaway. It was super fun until people were so passionate about winning the $250 gift card that they were calling every Anthro number in existence. Good lord. So it's closing tonight...but it was fun while it lasted! Anyway, you should check out her blog anyway, cause she's full of info and super cute outfits. So much fun to be had!
Whereas in my world right now...there are papers to be written and laundry to be done. So go have fun looking at pretty pictures and learning more about a pretty awesome store :)
Ok, I gotta give you one pretty picture, right?
There's just something about wildflowers as opposed to orderly gardens that is so appealing...

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