Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh Furla...

what gorgeous handbags you make!
The wonderful Lisa of Fantabulously Frugal is hosting 31 days of giveaways this month, and today's is a Furla handbag from RowNine. Too good to be true? Never! Head on over to FF for great deals every day, and a whole month of giveaways-but don't you dare win my Furla ;)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Getting close!

Just one more final to go-which I should be studying for right now, but my concentration is shot! I am so close and just need to be done.
Happy Mother's Day! Working at a stationary store has meant that it's basically impossible for holidays to sneak up on me, so I sent out my cards early last week and spent the weekend helping people who'd put it off till the last minute-especially yesterday. By the time I was done at 6ish, I was exhausted. But it really is fun helping people pick out cards and gifts :)
I also had my choir concert on Friday-so glad that's done with. I love performing, but the extra rehearsals all afternoon-not so much. I did at least get to get cute new shoes for it that I'll also wear for my cousin's wedding-for $6! Once I combined all my rewards coupons with the clearance price, I scored these-too cute!
Oh, and it was my 21st birthday last Saturday! I had a lovely day-went to brunch with a close friend, did a little shopping at my favorite Young Designers Market, then went out with a bunch of friends from school and church that night. It really was a good day :) I got lovely cards from a bunch of family and friends (including 5 from my dad, ha) and some really nice gifts. My peeps are so good to me :)
Ok, now I really must study my music history-if I don't fall asleep first!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What a mix

I think this weekend is going to be a mix of super-fun and super-stressful. I may or may not have 3 papers and a presentation due next week...none of which I've even begun to work on. Oops. Finals season is so sneaky-one minute I'm like "ok, just have to read another eleventy million pages for tomorrow" and then all of a sudden BAM! I'm like "shit, I have to read these eleventy million pages for Monday and write a paper and do the research I've neglected all semester. Fantastic!" My personal opinion is that teachers shouldn't be allowed to assign any work other than final projects for the last 2 weeks-at least. I just can't keep up with my normal workload plus final projects and final exams. Oh yeah I just remembered-I have an exam next week too! No, not a final...those start the week after. Please explain to me the logic of having an exam (1 of 3)exactly a week before the final...So anyway, what I was saying before my rant was that I need to get shit done. No more procrastination-which means that my poor Google Reader, and hence my favorite blogs, will (hopefully) be sorely neglected for the foreseeable future.
But hey, I get to have fun too! A friend from church and I are throwing a dinner party tomorrow evening. It should be a very fun evening-I'm cooking a risotto, he's cooking some sort of dead animal, and at least 15ish people will be there. We weren't really counting on that many actually being able to attend, but hey, the more the merrier! I really do like to cook, but usually I find it's just not worth it to cook something that takes more than 2 (if we're being generous) dishes for just myself. It's not the effort of cooking, but the cleanup-having no dishwasher and a sink perpetually filled with dirty dishes makes it seem just oh-so-unappealing. 
And Saturday is Relay for Life! If you don't know what it is, it's American Cancer Society's biggest fundraiser. It's a 24 (or 16, or 12, depending on who's running it) hour walkathon relay-someone from each team is supposed to be on the track at all times. I've been doing it for the last 7ish years and I can't imagine missing it. I think I'll do a full post about RFL and my personal reasons for getting involved later, as it really deserves a discussion all its own. To sum up, I love it and look forward to it every spring. I know that I'll stay up all night, so no church on Sunday-I'll need to sleep till about noon, maybe even 2, since I won't get home till after 7am. If anybody would like more info now, or to donate to ACS via my fundraising page, here's the link: Thanks! :)
Thankfully, I'm not working all weekend-I worked extra during the week, around classes, and am doing so again next week-don't want to be stuck in the store my birthday weekend! :) 
Oh, and happy Earth Day! Here's a nature pic for ya (weeping willows are my favorite tree, as I tell my campers every summer...ha)


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh how I love accessories!

So a couple weeks ago, I won a secondary prize in a giveaway sponsored by Amber's Notebook and dotinabox, and got a $5 credit towards dotinabox's Etsy shop. Since I'm mildly obsessed with carousels, of course I had to get the carousel necklace! It just arrived yesterday and I am so looking forward to wearing it. Plus Dorothy enclosed the sweetest note and a vintage hairpin! She, her jewelry, and even her packaging are just too cute :) Of course, now I want the majority of items in her Etsy shop...
she has more of them-we could match!
and how adorable are these?! Mine is a different flower, but just as cute :)
In other news, I have a nasty cold, so I'm just hoping I don't lose my voice. All I want to do is curl up in bed with a cup of tea and maybe watch a movie but I've got a paper to write...gotta get down to business!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tis the season

for recitals and fundraiser parties! I've gone to 2 fundraiser parties for shows my friends' shows in the last 2 weeks and I didn't even make it to all of them. I also went to two recitals on Saturday and have 3 more in the next week. End of the year, everyone's getting crazy. My last final is 4 weeks from tomorrow. Boy I'm excited for this semester to be over. I'm taking a lot of interesting classes, but it's been super stressful. Blargh.
In other news, since I've been a bad blogger, I still haven't shared my Easter muffins with y'all! They're super cute :)
Technically, they're chocolate muffins with the simplest frosting ever, but they seemed more like cupcakes to me. I was so happy I had my tulip papers to use for them too! My friend Holly came over the day before Easter to make them with me. It was gorgeous, so we went for a walk along the Hudson, as well, before hitting up a fundraiser party for our friend's production of Spring Awakening.
Last week was gorgeous, so I basically did no work and just spent all my time sitting by the Hudson River and eating taro frozen yogurt with fresh fruit, coconut, and almonds. (In case you couldn't tell, it's one of my favorite foods. Yum!) However, now all that work is catching up with me...and I register for next fall's classes tomorrow. Eek! I really, really hope I get the ones I want, because I have no idea what else I'd take. *Crossing my fingers!*
Ok, back to work...anybody want to write a Personality Psychology paper for me? :)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bake Sales

At NYU, they're really popular with the clubs. I really have no idea why, since I rarely see people buy anything from them...I certainly never do. Odds are, I have made/could easily make what they're selling, plus I just don't really eat sweets. However, NYC banning homemade goods is ridiculous. So what if you can't know the exact calorie count? Schools now can only sell things like Doritos. Really, NYC? Really? That sounds totally healthy, much better than banana bread or oatmeal raisin cookies.
Thankfully,  NYU hasn't gotten that weird-yet. So last night I was roped into baking cookies for Tisch New Theatre's bake sale today. I used to be on the board, but for a myriad of reasons I am no longer involved. But several of my friends are, hence my baking for them. Except wait! The bake sale was moved from campus to one of the acting studios. And they wanted me to bring my cookies there. Ummm no. I don't have an extra 45 minutes to do that. I though my favor was done with the baking. Apparently not. I did actually put my foot down about it (yay not being a doormat!) so I now have about 3 dozen coconut chocolate chip cookies. Come and get 'em!
On a completely unrelated note, it's finally stopped raining! I am so excited, even if it's not actually sunny... :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Giveaway...gone away

Roxy, of the fantastic Effortless Anthropologie, is was hosting a scavenger hunt giveaway. It was super fun until people were so passionate about winning the $250 gift card that they were calling every Anthro number in existence. Good lord. So it's closing tonight...but it was fun while it lasted! Anyway, you should check out her blog anyway, cause she's full of info and super cute outfits. So much fun to be had!
Whereas in my world right now...there are papers to be written and laundry to be done. So go have fun looking at pretty pictures and learning more about a pretty awesome store :)
Ok, I gotta give you one pretty picture, right?
There's just something about wildflowers as opposed to orderly gardens that is so appealing...