Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh Furla...

what gorgeous handbags you make!
The wonderful Lisa of Fantabulously Frugal is hosting 31 days of giveaways this month, and today's is a Furla handbag from RowNine. Too good to be true? Never! Head on over to FF for great deals every day, and a whole month of giveaways-but don't you dare win my Furla ;)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Getting close!

Just one more final to go-which I should be studying for right now, but my concentration is shot! I am so close and just need to be done.
Happy Mother's Day! Working at a stationary store has meant that it's basically impossible for holidays to sneak up on me, so I sent out my cards early last week and spent the weekend helping people who'd put it off till the last minute-especially yesterday. By the time I was done at 6ish, I was exhausted. But it really is fun helping people pick out cards and gifts :)
I also had my choir concert on Friday-so glad that's done with. I love performing, but the extra rehearsals all afternoon-not so much. I did at least get to get cute new shoes for it that I'll also wear for my cousin's wedding-for $6! Once I combined all my rewards coupons with the clearance price, I scored these-too cute!
Oh, and it was my 21st birthday last Saturday! I had a lovely day-went to brunch with a close friend, did a little shopping at my favorite Young Designers Market, then went out with a bunch of friends from school and church that night. It really was a good day :) I got lovely cards from a bunch of family and friends (including 5 from my dad, ha) and some really nice gifts. My peeps are so good to me :)
Ok, now I really must study my music history-if I don't fall asleep first!